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5 DIY Spring Cleaning Methods

April 14th, 2017

BrushSpring is upon us! And at this point in the year, many of us have at least a few items on our cleaning checklists. How are residents of Redwood City, California finding better ways to spring into cleaning?

Clean Cleaning/ Working Smarter

There are many natural cleaners that are safe for the environment, including vinegar and baking soda, olive oil, or simple soap and water. Work top to bottom on shelves and walls because the dust is making its way down anyway. Always vacuum or sweep last, and soak anything that needs soaking an hour before you plan to clean it. Having a system where you start at the back of your house and work to the door can help you keep focus. Then you can go out to treat yourself when you make it to the door!


When gathering up those old clothes stuffed in the back of your closet, think share! To you, they may be old and outdated, but to another person, they may be new and exciting. You can donate your old clothes and other items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or have an online sale. You can also use old T-shirts as dust rags.

Being Mindful of the Environment

When de-cluttering your home, remember that your garbage goes somewhere. For old prescriptions, there are many techniques to use to dispose of them properly. Do not flush medications down the sink or toilet. The bottles typically have guidelines for disposal, many local police departments have a confidential disposal, or you can ask your pharmacist.

Saving That Energy

Consider line-drying clothes or cleaning cloths, rather than using your dryer or throwing away the cloths. You can also use a tool belt to hold your cleaning products and spare rags as you make your way through the house.

Welcoming Nature

House plants can provide a natural air filter for your home. Plants release oxygen into the environment, giving your home a cleaner feel for the spring.

A Pat and a Treat

After all of your hard work, give yourself a reward for a job well done. Go out to eat or to a movie. Of course, spring is three months long, so if you’d rather save the cleaning for the end of spring, and instead give Township Apartments a call to find a place that needs no spring cleaning when you move in, pick up that cell phone. You’ll soon discover why Township Apartments are the best in Redwood City apartments!