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3 Local Coffee Shops to Try Near Your Apartments in Redwood City

February 2nd, 2017

Coffee BeansWhen you are hankering for a quality cup of joe, waltzing into the nearest gas station for a coffee is just not a suitable option. Thankfully, you have a multitude of excellent coffeehouse options around your Redwood City apartments. In addition, the specialty coffeehouse venues in your neighborhood are often a great place to hang out and meet new friends and neighbors. Here are three locations to try in your neighborhood.

Connoisseur Coffee Company

When you walk into Connoisseur Coffee Company, you will immediately smell the fresh roasted beans made onsite each day. You can build your own drink using the ingredients on the menu or leave the creation process to the experts. Sweet ingredients, such as simple syrup or specialty chocolates, add a special touch to both hot and cold beverages made here. The flavored coffee blends beautifully recreate the signature desserts they represent. Try the tiramisu coffee for a blast of flavor unlike anything else on the menu. You can even purchase roasted coffee beans to brew at home.

Bliss Coffee Near Your Redwood City Apartments

Bliss Coffee provides the perfect calm, inviting atmosphere for sipping their fresh brewed coffee. The lattes and other drinks are made with innovative ingredients, including chocolate hazelnut melts and lavender sprigs. The latte art adds a dash of personalization to the coffee drinks offered on the menu. You can also customize your drink with additional menu items if you wish. Seating is somewhat limited for such a busy shop, but you can pull up a chair outside and enjoy the internet access or just watch the passersby before returning to your apartments in Redwood City.

S’Bastians Coffee

At S’Bastians Coffee, you will find awesomely energizing coffee drinks served by warm, welcoming employees. The coffee menus are written up on chalkboards to reflect their ever-changing flair. You can order your custom drinks using your favorite ingredients or pick up the weekly special to try something new. Alternative creamer ingredients, such as almond and soy milk, open up the venue to those allergic to or intolerant of dairy products. The latte art brings an artistic touch to each cup of joe, served hot or cold, on demand.

Upon returning home from your coffee journey, you may find that you desire a nice change of routine. To make an exciting change, contact the team at Township Luxury Apartments by calling 855-809-8627 to learn about the available floor plans.

5 Special Things to Do for Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

February 2nd, 2017

Bouquet of RosesValentine’s Day is the perfect chance for you to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Whether your loved one is your spouse or still just a very good friend, here are five special things you can do at your Township Apartments in Redwood City.

1. Make a Homemade Dinner

With all the hustle and bustle of living in downtown Redwood City, you may not have time to make home cooked meals every night. If restaurant food has been your go-to source for meals, make a change on Valentine’s Day and use those gorgeous Whirlpool stainless steel appliances in your Township Apartments kitchen.

2. Make It Their Day

It’s not often that adults get to do whatever they want all day long. Why not create a magical Valentine’s Day this year by making it their day? Give your love free rein to spend the day with you as they choose. Maybe it will be a walk on the tree-lined jogging path near the apartments in Redwood City, or a trip to the local farmers market. Whatever they want, the day is theirs!

3. Turn It Into a First Date

Rekindle the bonds of love that brought you together with your love by making this Valentine’s Day a first date. Agree to meet at a local restaurant or bar for your first date and play the part of two strangers just getting to know each other.

4. Visit the Candy Store

Instead of bringing the candy to your love, bring your love to the candy. See’s Candy shop is at Sequoia Station Shopping Center, and they’re open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Stop by to stock up on your favorite candies on the most romantic day of the year.

5. Write a Poem

Nothings spells romance like a handwritten custom poem. Lay your heart out on paper and deliver it with a bouquet of fresh roses. For a special touch, write the poem on custom stationery that bears your initials. Your love will cherish the poem forever. If you really want to crush it, read the poem aloud while your love relaxes on the balcony of your Township apartment.

Are you looking for a beautiful new apartment home that reflects your style and commitment to preserving earth’s resources? Contact us today to review the floor plans at Township apartments in Redwood City.

Fall Events in Redwood City

October 24th, 2016

Why do apartment residents love living in Redwood City? This vibrant community pulls together to celebrate holidays with a spirit of charity and fun. Redwood City’s events are great for families, with something for children of any age to enjoy. Be sure to check out these four can’t-miss festivals that the city uses to celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new.

Redwood City, CA Brings the Season to Life With Exciting Fall Events

Halloween Spooktacular, Oct 22

Details are here.

Admission is $5.00 per child.

This family-friendly daytime (12:00 – 3:00 P.M.) carnival is sure to be a hit for younger children (up to age 10). It includes a monster maze, nostalgic carnival games and prizes, a craft-creation station, holiday-themed treats and a costume parade.

Scare on the Square, Oct 27

Details are here.

Free admission.

Here’s your second chance to celebrate America’s spookiest holiday. Face painters will be on-hand to put the final touches on anyone’s costume in preparation for downtown trick-or-treating. People who are handy with a carving knife can show off their creation during the festival’s pumpkin art contest and possibly win cash prizes. The event also includes live music and a 3D light show.

Hometown Holidays, Dec 3

Details are here.

Free admission. Event proceeds rain or shine.

Hometown Holidays is organized by Redwood City’s Downtown Business Group. This celebration kicks off the countdown to holiday season with a parade, ice sculptures and more! The dazzling, light-bedecked Holiday Train will drop by on its annual journey between San Francisco and Santa Clara, collecting donated toys and giving entertainment and holiday cheer. Due to issues with city permits, there may not be fireworks this year.

Salsa Festival, Sep 24 (next year)

Details are here.

Free admission; tasting has a fee.

You may have missed out on this year’s Salsa Festival, which covered eleven blocks, but it’s a great time to perfect your recipe for next year. Competition is heating up among home cooks and trained chefs alike to win the public over with their favorite sweet and spicy salsa recipes. The festival also includes a Tequila Tasting for the adults, a play area with bouncy castle for the kids and art projects and music that everyone can enjoy.

Community and Comfort in Redwood City Apartments

The Township Apartments, located in the heart of welcoming Redwood City, offers luxury apartments and easy access to all the amenities of downtown living. Contact us today to see which Redwood City apartments are available.

Attend the Redwood Kiwanis Farmers Market

September 19th, 2016

Many of the residents at our Redwood City apartments love to shop locally. The food tastes fresher, the vendors are friendlier, there is a unique selection of items for sale and you are supporting smaller, local businesses.

For anyone who chooses to call Redwood City home, there is a wonderful local farmer’s market that is within walking distance. The Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market provides you with quick, easy access to local vendors which sell everything from fruits and vegetables to meats and baked goods.

The History of the Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market

The idea for a farmers market came about when four local individuals gathered together to provide the community with access to fresh produce that comes straight from local farmers. The best way to provide the community with access to these resources was to create a local farmers market.  The local farmers market that was created was called the Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market.

It has been 37 years since the first farmers market. It has since become an important part of Redwood City. Residents of Redwood City gather every Saturday throughout the summer to shop for locally grown meats, fruits and vegetables.

Support Local Farmers

Local farmers set up stands and booths that have everything from fruits and vegetables, to eggs, milk and meat available for shoppers to purchase. Everything you could ever want or need is available for sale at the local farmers market.

Find Tasty Baked Goods at the Local Farmers Market

One of the unique aspects of the Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market, that residents love, is the ability to shop for tasty baked goods. Local bakeries will set up booths throughout the farmers market. Visitors to the farmers market will be able to purchase freshly baked doughnuts, cupcakes, pies, cakes and cookies.

Details for the Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market

The Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market is held every Saturday from April until November. It is located at 500 Arguello St.

The farmers market opens up at 8 a.m. and closes around noon. If you plan on attending, it is best to arrive early as you will have more items to choose from than if you arrive later in the day.

Live within Walking Distance

Township Apartments are located just minutes away from the farmers market. Call us today to schedule an appointment to tour our luxury apartments in Redwood City, California.

5 Outdoor Running Trails in Redwood City

August 18th, 2016

Pounding the pavement around your apartments in Redwood City can start to feel like quite a bore over time. If you crave a scenic view and ambient nature sounds while you run, head on over to one of the many outdoor running trails in this expansive city. You can enjoy the best of the great outdoors while continuing to tone your physique by regularly utilizing these running trails. You can even bring your dog along on this exciting journey. Here are five awesome running trails to consider for your next run.

Edgewood Park

At Edgewood Park, you can choose from a large variety of trail options crisscrossing through the parkland. Make sure to plan for several stops along your route to give yourself time to enjoy the many treasures in this park space. You may see beautiful butterflies, deer, wildflowers and other elements of nature during your visit.

Redwood Shores Bay Trail Next To Your Redwood City Apartments

The Redwood Shores Bay Trail will inspire you to step outside your Redwood City apartments and run alongside the gorgeous waterfront. No matter which way you turn, you can watch the horizon to enjoy the view of the ocean inlet or San Bruno Mountains.

Bair Island

The trails along Bair Island take you around the various water features found in this area. On windy days, the surf may blow through the air and cool you down as you run. With more than 3,000 acres to cover, you could spend a lifetime on this island without hitting every trail here.

Purisima Creek Redwoods

The Purisima Creek Redwoods trails actively transport you to another world. The trails take you through forested land along the Santa Cruz Mountains. You may spot Half Moon Bay as you trek between the gigantic redwoods.

Stulsaft Park

Stulsaft Park boasts an impressive 42-acres despite its proximity to the nearby city. The parkland naturally feels secluded to help you experience the sensation of leaving it all behind as you run. If you bring along your dog on your runs, make sure to check out the off leash trail.

Try out each running trail on the list to find your favorite location. You may end up wanting to split your time between all of the trails due to their unique views and atmosphere. When you return to your apartment, we invite you to give the team at the Township Luxury Apartments a call at 855-809-8627 to learn about our available floor plans.

3 Exciting Date Night Ideas Near Your Apartments In Redwood City

August 1st, 2016

On a first date, you need to make a great first impression and jumpstart the bonding process to secure a second time out together. You can achieve these two important goals by planning an exciting date night at a venue near your apartments in Redwood City. Do not hesitate to put out all the stops when planning your date night. You never know if the story of your first date will become a tale you tell to your children and grandchildren down the line. Here are three exciting date night ideas to consider.

Theater Show

You can catch a live theater show at the Fox Theater, Broadway By The Bay or the Redwood City Community Theater. All of these venues host popular musicals and plays performed by the best in the local industry. Take the time to explore the theater schedule after the show, as you may be able to sneak in a second date request at that time.

Gastropub Crawl Near Your Redwood City Apartments

Gastropubs abound near your Redwood City apartments due to their innovative food offerings and unique atmosphere. Make a map of the gastropubs you would like to visit and take your date to three to five of them in a row. Sample the appetizers and drinks at each one to find your favorite location. Suggest enjoying a full meal at the winning pub as your second date.

Ballroom Dance Class

Learning a new skill together can instantly develop and reinforce your bond. A ballroom dance class is an intimate, yet safe and public, way to get to know each other very well. Ballroom dance classes range from beginner to advanced, with different moves taught at each level. Remember to laugh off your mistakes and start anew to have a great time together as you master the complex step routines. You can use the dance steps you learn to have a great second date at a local nightclub or dance hall.

If your date had a great time cruising the town by your side, you will likely have a chance to go on a second date. Consider the other date ideas on this list to continue reinforcing your shared bond. After your date, you can head back to your apartment to watch a movie or share a meal. When it comes time to learn more about Township Luxury Apartments, give the team a call at 855-809-8627 to discuss the available floor plans.

5 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

July 12th, 2016

Although it doesn’t get too hot in the Bay Area, too many people stay indoors all summer long. While air conditioning can be nice, be sure to enjoy the perfect summer weather in Redwood City, California, by visiting these five local parks.

Pulgas Ridge Open Space

Pulgas Ridge is a gorgeous nature preserve full of hiking trails right in our own backyard here in Redwood City. In fact, the park is just over 4 miles from Township. Certain trails are dog friendly, as long as your pooch stays on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Just leave your bike at home; biking isn’t permitted on these trails.

Big Canyon Park

Big Canyon Park, located in our northwestern neighbor San Carlos, unfortunately tends to get overlooked in favor of the bigger parks in the area. Although a little on the small side at 16 acres, the park’s scenic hiking trail around the canyon is great for children and beginner hikers. Just be wary, as some parts of the unpaved trail can be extremely narrow.

Bedwell Bayfront Park

If you want to enjoy a cool breeze off of the San Francisco Bay, check out Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park. It’s a great spot for a hike, especially for birders; Bedwell is home to roughly 160 different species of bird. Just keep in mind that the park closes relatively early (9:00 p.m. in June and July and 8:30 p.m. in August). Early birds will be happy to know that the park opens at 7:00 a.m. each morning.

Water Dog Lake Park

Also known as the John S. Brooks Memorial Open Space, Water Dog Lake Park is just a few miles northwest in Belmont. The park is made up of a network of different trails that are great for hiking and biking. Appropriately, leashed dogs are welcome throughout Water Dog Lake Park. Your dog will especially love cooling off with a dip in the lake.

Laurelwood Park

Just a 20-minute drive away, Laurelwood Park in San Mateo is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Laurelwood’s centerpiece is its well-maintained hiking trails leading to nearby Sugarloaf Mountain. The 225-acre park also features numerous open spaces, picnic areas and a brand new playground for the kids. Just keep in mind that alcohol isn’t allowed within the park’s premises.

As nice as the luxury amenities are at Township apartments in Redwood City, try checking out one (or more) of the many gorgeous local parks in the Bay Area!