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4 Ways to Drink More Water This Year

February 6th, 2018

drink more water

Drinking more water should be one resolution you stick with. Drinking enough water daily has a slew of health benefits. Water increases energy levels and flushes out toxins. Water helps aid the digestive system and can improve the appearance of your hair and skin. Get healthy in Redwood City, California by using these four tips to increase water intake.

Buy a Smart Water Bottle

New lines of “smart” water bottles have recently hit the market. The bottles track water intake and send reminders when you’re behind on reaching your daily water intake goal. For instance, the Hidrate Spark uses Bluetooth technology to communicate between the water bottle and your smartphone. Open the application to view how many ounces of water you consumed out of the bottle and add any additional amounts. The bottle also flashes to remind you to get drinking and sends push notifications through your phone.

Infuse Water With Flavor

Not all of us are big fans of just plain old water. To keep the health benefits without adding in excess calories and sugar, add a few slices of fruit or vegetables to your water pitcher. A few options include orange, lemon, cucumber and celery. Fresh herbs are tasty as well such as mint and lavender.

Set a Timer

Imposing a time limit to finish each water bottle you drink can help you increase intake amounts. For instance, at the start of the workday you could aim to finish half a bottle of water by 10:00 AM and the rest by 12:00 PM. If you find the goals become easy to reach, lessen the time. You could purchase a marked water bottle that’s marked with hours too for assistance in reaching your goals.

Add Extra Water to Beverages

If you do choose to drink juice, lemonade or iced tea, dilute the drink with a few ounces of water and loads of ice. This helps you enjoy your favorite drinks while still getting more water into your body. Also, if you’re consuming your favorite alcoholic beverages, alternate every other cocktail with a glass of water. This ensures you are getting enough water during a night out and avoiding a hangover the next day.

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