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Green Living

Township is a very thoughtful community right from the start. We began with a smart infill location and efficient architectural design to minimize construction material waste. We've designed and built Township with a generous selection of sustainable construction materials and limited consumption of natural resources including gas, electricity, and water during and after construction. On-site recycling helped to further divert construction debris from overcrowded landfills. We have beautiful residences with wonderful indoor air quality.

A Transit Focus

The savvy Northern California lifestyle is all about utilizing mass transit to the fullest. Township's coveted location and concept makes it easier for you to get around town without having to use your car. Residents of Township will enjoy special conveniences like a County Transit stop with access to Caltrain. Saving money on gas is a good thing. You'll be close to lots of scenic bikeways when you live at Township.

Recycled is Beautiful

Township uses beams and joists made from recycled wood-chip byproduct instead wood-frame construction so the forest can do its thing by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. We love forests just as much as you do.

Water That's Resourceful

At Township, we chose low-flow fixtures so you can flush the toilet and take a shower knowing that you're minimizing the use of precious water resources.

A Smaller Footprint is the Perfect Fit

The term Carbon Footprint is used a lot. Basically it means working efficiently and considerately. At Township, we've selected Energy Star appliances for our residences to keep that footprint smaller. Enjoy cooking and washing clothes with your in-unit washer-dryer that allow for savings on your monthly utilities. Every little bit counts.

Landscaping That's Smart

One of the prettiest green decisions we made is actually green. At Township, we've chosen drought-tolerant plants and drip irrigation systems to minimize water consumption. The landscaping here is beautiful without being wasteful. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere we've created just for you.

On-site Amenities Keep You Active

Township offers our residents the highest quality amenity package including a whirlpool spa, fitness center with cardio-theater, yoga and pilates studio, club room, outdoor kitchen & courtyard lounge area, table tennis and more. All these great amenities let you enjoy an active life right here at home. Walk more, enjoy more and live more at Township in Redwood City!