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5 Challenges to Take on in 2017

December 2nd, 2016

BooksAs 2017 dawns, we often turn our thoughts to the upcoming year and challenge ourselves to improve our lives. These challenges can become year-long endeavors or try them out for 30 days to make a mini-challenge. Either way, they will make your 2017 brighter and happier.

Move Your Feet More

Becoming more physically fit is a common goal, but one that is easily put off.  Challenge yourself to avoid the procrastination that often accompanies a desire to work out by setting an automatic trigger like a 6 A.M. alarm or putting on your shoes. As a community member of our premium apartments in Redwood City, you can take full advantage of our state of the art fitness center or our yoga and pilates studio. Remember, fitness comes through routine activity, not from occasional herculean efforts. Start now and before you know it, you’ll be ready for OktobeRun come fall.

Eliminate Sugar for 30 Days… or More

Sugar consumption has many known downsides: increased risk of diabetes, tooth decay and empty calories that lead to weight gain. Take a 30-day challenge to eliminate all added sugars from your diet. Eliminating sugar will improve your diet, help you lose weight and help reset your taste buds to crave less sugar in the future.

52 Books in 52 Weeks

At the rate of one book a week, this challenge will keep you on your literary toes. Choose from fiction or non-fiction, romances or sci-fi. There are no rules other than to read to your heart’s content. Even if you aren’t normally a bookworm, this challenge will keep your mind sharp and take you to places you have only dreamed about before.

Increase Your Happiness

From gratitude journals to online sharing via social media, we have learned that documenting and sharing our happy actually makes us happier. The Happier app works to help you document and share your happy. Working on the science that has shown that when we express gratitude and actually record a few positive events each day makes us happier, healthier, and more productive. The app is a 21st-century improvement on the idea of a written gratitude journal.

Discover Your City

Traveling to Europe or exploring Buenos Aires may well be on your bucket list, but what about uncovering the hidden gems in your own city? Can you honestly say you have been to every bakery, coffee shop and ethnic restaurant in Redwood City? Make it a goal to explore the city’s nooks and crannies. You might just find your next favorite hang out.

Township Apartments in Redwood City is a great place to call home. Our amenities, community atmosphere and beautiful homes are worth discovering. Call today to explore available floor plans.

Try It Out: Long-Distance Cycling

December 1st, 2016

CyclingIf you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Redwood City, CA with plenty of amenities for fitness and health conscious living, Township Luxury Apartments offer all that you need. Residents here take great advantage of the gorgeous scenery, pilates studio, community fitness center and the whirlpool and spa. The layout of the apartments are fantastic and appeal to a wide variety of families. But many residents here are extremely active and enjoy sharing their own passions, such as rock climbing, swimming and biking.

If you enjoy cycling but have never tried a long-distance journey, there are plenty of reasons to consider it. Long distance cycling isn’t something any rider should take lightly. But with proper preparation, it can be a wonderful and exciting adventure.

Things to Know About Long-Distance Cycling

As a sport, cycling has gained a lot of attention and a good amount of participation. Many people find that it’s a fulfilling way to exercise because it’s not directly competitive. Cyclists are often challenging themselves with longer distances and more advanced terrain. Taking on a long-distance ride can, at first, seem very intimidating. But there’s a major sense of accomplishment in having completed a long-distance ride. It’s not something you can just set out to do with no plan. But it is something that you can work up to if you are serious and you prepare. Here are some tips to prepare for a long-distance journey.

  • Build up stamina. A novice cyclist can’t just jump on their bike and ride 100 miles. Though a century (100 miles) is very much an achievable goal for a serious cyclist. If you’re planning on moving into long-distance cycling, you need to seriously start to work on building up your stamina over some time.
  • Set Goals. Set achievable goals for your level. You don’t want to set goals that are far outside of what you’ve done before because that will often lead to failure. But definitely set goals that continually push your endurance.
  • Pre-Planning. While you’re working up to your long-distance ride, plan your journey. Don’t just have the amount of miles in mind. Pick a destination and start planning the route you’ll take. This will help you mentally prepare.
  • Buddy Up. Find a cycling buddy. This way you can push each other and support each others’ progress.

Looking for Beautiful Apartments in Redwood City?

If you’re looking for a beautiful apartment in Redwood City that caters to a healthy lifestyle, look no further than Township Luxury Apartments. Contact us today to check our availability and tour our fantastic amenities.

Fall Events in Redwood City

October 24th, 2016

Why do apartment residents love living in Redwood City? This vibrant community pulls together to celebrate holidays with a spirit of charity and fun. Redwood City’s events are great for families, with something for children of any age to enjoy. Be sure to check out these four can’t-miss festivals that the city uses to celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new.

Redwood City, CA Brings the Season to Life With Exciting Fall Events

Halloween Spooktacular, Oct 22

Details are here.

Admission is $5.00 per child.

This family-friendly daytime (12:00 – 3:00 P.M.) carnival is sure to be a hit for younger children (up to age 10). It includes a monster maze, nostalgic carnival games and prizes, a craft-creation station, holiday-themed treats and a costume parade.

Scare on the Square, Oct 27

Details are here.

Free admission.

Here’s your second chance to celebrate America’s spookiest holiday. Face painters will be on-hand to put the final touches on anyone’s costume in preparation for downtown trick-or-treating. People who are handy with a carving knife can show off their creation during the festival’s pumpkin art contest and possibly win cash prizes. The event also includes live music and a 3D light show.

Hometown Holidays, Dec 3

Details are here.

Free admission. Event proceeds rain or shine.

Hometown Holidays is organized by Redwood City’s Downtown Business Group. This celebration kicks off the countdown to holiday season with a parade, ice sculptures and more! The dazzling, light-bedecked Holiday Train will drop by on its annual journey between San Francisco and Santa Clara, collecting donated toys and giving entertainment and holiday cheer. Due to issues with city permits, there may not be fireworks this year.

Salsa Festival, Sep 24 (next year)

Details are here.

Free admission; tasting has a fee.

You may have missed out on this year’s Salsa Festival, which covered eleven blocks, but it’s a great time to perfect your recipe for next year. Competition is heating up among home cooks and trained chefs alike to win the public over with their favorite sweet and spicy salsa recipes. The festival also includes a Tequila Tasting for the adults, a play area with bouncy castle for the kids and art projects and music that everyone can enjoy.

Community and Comfort in Redwood City Apartments

The Township Apartments, located in the heart of welcoming Redwood City, offers luxury apartments and easy access to all the amenities of downtown living. Contact us today to see which Redwood City apartments are available.

3 Exciting Date Night Ideas Near Your Apartments In Redwood City

August 1st, 2016

On a first date, you need to make a great first impression and jumpstart the bonding process to secure a second time out together. You can achieve these two important goals by planning an exciting date night at a venue near your apartments in Redwood City. Do not hesitate to put out all the stops when planning your date night. You never know if the story of your first date will become a tale you tell to your children and grandchildren down the line. Here are three exciting date night ideas to consider.

Theater Show

You can catch a live theater show at the Fox Theater, Broadway By The Bay or the Redwood City Community Theater. All of these venues host popular musicals and plays performed by the best in the local industry. Take the time to explore the theater schedule after the show, as you may be able to sneak in a second date request at that time.

Gastropub Crawl Near Your Redwood City Apartments

Gastropubs abound near your Redwood City apartments due to their innovative food offerings and unique atmosphere. Make a map of the gastropubs you would like to visit and take your date to three to five of them in a row. Sample the appetizers and drinks at each one to find your favorite location. Suggest enjoying a full meal at the winning pub as your second date.

Ballroom Dance Class

Learning a new skill together can instantly develop and reinforce your bond. A ballroom dance class is an intimate, yet safe and public, way to get to know each other very well. Ballroom dance classes range from beginner to advanced, with different moves taught at each level. Remember to laugh off your mistakes and start anew to have a great time together as you master the complex step routines. You can use the dance steps you learn to have a great second date at a local nightclub or dance hall.

If your date had a great time cruising the town by your side, you will likely have a chance to go on a second date. Consider the other date ideas on this list to continue reinforcing your shared bond. After your date, you can head back to your apartment to watch a movie or share a meal. When it comes time to learn more about Township Luxury Apartments, give the team a call at 855-809-8627 to discuss the available floor plans.

5 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

July 12th, 2016

Although it doesn’t get too hot in the Bay Area, too many people stay indoors all summer long. While air conditioning can be nice, be sure to enjoy the perfect summer weather in Redwood City, California, by visiting these five local parks.

Pulgas Ridge Open Space

Pulgas Ridge is a gorgeous nature preserve full of hiking trails right in our own backyard here in Redwood City. In fact, the park is just over 4 miles from Township. Certain trails are dog friendly, as long as your pooch stays on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Just leave your bike at home; biking isn’t permitted on these trails.

Big Canyon Park

Big Canyon Park, located in our northwestern neighbor San Carlos, unfortunately tends to get overlooked in favor of the bigger parks in the area. Although a little on the small side at 16 acres, the park’s scenic hiking trail around the canyon is great for children and beginner hikers. Just be wary, as some parts of the unpaved trail can be extremely narrow.

Bedwell Bayfront Park

If you want to enjoy a cool breeze off of the San Francisco Bay, check out Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park. It’s a great spot for a hike, especially for birders; Bedwell is home to roughly 160 different species of bird. Just keep in mind that the park closes relatively early (9:00 p.m. in June and July and 8:30 p.m. in August). Early birds will be happy to know that the park opens at 7:00 a.m. each morning.

Water Dog Lake Park

Also known as the John S. Brooks Memorial Open Space, Water Dog Lake Park is just a few miles northwest in Belmont. The park is made up of a network of different trails that are great for hiking and biking. Appropriately, leashed dogs are welcome throughout Water Dog Lake Park. Your dog will especially love cooling off with a dip in the lake.

Laurelwood Park

Just a 20-minute drive away, Laurelwood Park in San Mateo is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Laurelwood’s centerpiece is its well-maintained hiking trails leading to nearby Sugarloaf Mountain. The 225-acre park also features numerous open spaces, picnic areas and a brand new playground for the kids. Just keep in mind that alcohol isn’t allowed within the park’s premises.

As nice as the luxury amenities are at Township apartments in Redwood City, try checking out one (or more) of the many gorgeous local parks in the Bay Area!

Try it Out: Indoor Rock Climbing

July 1st, 2016

Township Apartments in Redwood City is well known for its incredible location in regards to excellent entertainment in the area. Since summer is in full swing, we’re going to look at an excellent indoor activity that is simply too good to pass up. With this being said, here’s a look at Township Apartments and Planet Granite.

About Planet Granite’s Climbing Gym

Planet Granite is your one stop shop for all things that require physical activity. Having an indoor rock climbing setup within its building, you can unleash your inner American Ninja Warrior without the camera crew and the strobe lights. The rock climbing setup was created to appeal to novice, intermediate and advanced rock climbers so you can leap, climb and hang on the wall (regardless of your experience). Featuring 19,000 feet of climbing space with 80 top ropes that reach 50 feet, you can climb as high as you can in a safe environment.

If it’s your first time climbing, you’ll have to fill out a liability waiver and present government issued ID before you can attempt climbing the wall. In addition to this, you’re also required to take a belay test at Planet Granite. Even if you’ve taken a belay test prior to Planet Granite, you will have to take the test if you plan on climbing the wall. If a year has passed since your last belay test, you will be required to take the test again.

Planet Granite Fitness & Yoga

Climbing wall aside, Planet Granite offers plenty of other opportunities to stay in shape. Their land-based workout equipment is suit to fit any fitness enthusiast who plans to stay in shape on the ground. The fitness center offers a wide range of workout equipment and classes so that you can get your daily exercise fill. If the exercise equipment seems to intimidating or if you simply enjoy a natural workout, the yoga studio (and teachers) are on hand to help you shape your body into the precision instrument it was meant to be.

Given the wide range of physical activities awaiting you at Planet Granite, it makes staying in shape more fun (and effective) than it should be. In addition to being within a short distance of Township Apartments, the excuses to not visit Planet Granite are slim to none. With Planet Granite being one of the luxuries that come with living in the area, feel free to contact us today for more information.

3 Bay Area Festivals You Can’t Miss This Year

June 15th, 2016

You live in the beautiful Bay Area of California. The weather is incredible and the activities available during this time of the year are numerous. And, when you live in our Redwood City apartments, you are close to just about everything there is to do and experience throughout the region. Whether you are living here for your first summer or you’ve grown up in this community, there are some festivals and area attractions that you shouldn’t miss this year. Are you planning on attending any of these this year?

Redwood City Music in the Park

What could be better than music in the beautiful parks that Redwood City is known for? The Redwood City Music in the Park event takes place every Wednesday from June through August this year. What’s even better about it is that it is a free event. Of course, you will want to bring along a nice blanket to lay on or even a lawn chair. The event takes place at Stafford Park each week. The music varies significantly but you can check out the various genres and planned events. The artists are often incredible and the whole family is welcome.

Marin County Fair

This year, the fair takes place from June 30 through July 4th. What a way to celebrate summer. The event isn’t your average county fair. This event offers something for everyone. The event has numerous animal exhibits that kids will love. There are also livestock shows, a global marketplace, various amusement rides, numerous exhibits and carnival games. Alongside this are concerts, local acts, a film festival and a fireworks display. It takes place at the Marin County Fair & Exposition Center in San Rafael.

Berkeley Kite Festival

If you’ve never attended the Berkeley Kite Festival, now is a great time to do so. The event takes place from July 30 through the 21st in Berkeley. If you love kite flying or just want to try it out, it’s pretty easy to do that here. This is a great deal of fun for the entire family. Just visit Cesar Chavez Park and bring along your own kite or check out the show. There are also vendors, food, arts and crafts booths and live music.

When you live in Redwood City apartments like Township Apartments, you really do get access to it all. If you’ve thought about moving here, give us a call today to learn more about the sometimes limited number of floor plans we have available.