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Top 5 Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds

April 15th, 2016

Hybrid dogs are found in droves around Redwood City, California. The hybrids carry the best traits of the parent breeds to create a true biological marvel. Breeding hybrids tends to minimize health and behavioral problems found in certain purebred dog breeds. You’ll love having them in your Redwood City apartment!

The following five cutest hybrid dogs are also the most popular of the time.


The mop-haired Yorkipoo descends from a Yorkshire terrier and a miniature or toy poodle. The poodle parent’s size determines the final height and weight of the pups. Most weigh between four and 14 pounds, though much of that is their luxurious gold, blue or white coat. The pup’s temperament mimics the sire and dam.


The popularity, and rarity, of the Alaskan Klee Kai breed, which looks just like a miniature husky, inspired the creation of the Pomsky hybrid. This hybrid comes in gold and white, grey and white, and red and white. These pups are usually friendly and playful once socialized around people and other animals.


When you mix a Boston terrier with a pug, you get an incredibly cute and friendly pup. These small hybrids will reach about 25 pounds, depending on the sire and dam’s size. Owners around Redwood City apartments love how the breed mellows out after the puppy stage to become an easygoing companion.


The darling schnoodle is a mix between a full size standard poodle and a schnauzer. The combination produces a pup with wavy fur, stubby tail and adorable gait. The pups will often prance around their owner’s feet for attention. Due to the standard poodle’s size, schnoodles often reach 70 pounds when full grown.


The Aussiedoodle hybrid infuses the resulting pup with the Australian Shepherd’s fun coat patterns with the Standard Poodle’s size and gait. The hybrid benefits from the intelligence of both parent breeds. Owners near Redwood City, CA enjoy the ease of training these pups to perform obedience tasks and specialty tricks.

In true mutt fashion, these hardy breeds make great companions throughout life. As people experiment with dog breeds, however, the top five cutest hybrids will eventually have to share the stage with the new contenders. If you want to live in an area filled with hybrid dogs, contact the management team at Township Apartments to discuss available units and set up a showing.