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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Apartment

February 13th, 2018

light your apartment

Choosing the right lighting for your apartment is a big part of the decorating process. Good lighting not only helps you see, but also sets the mood for each room. Go room to room and check out the lighting that comes standard with your residence and then decide on any extra lights you want to add.

Style Inspiration

Before choosing any lighting fixtures for your apartment, you should consider the overall aesthetic of the home. Are you a big fan of vintage furniture and tapestry wall hangings? Do you plan to furnish with sleek and modern glass tables? As an example, mini-pendants will look great in a contemporary styled apartment while you may want a Tiffany lamp if you’re going for a vintage feel.

Tackle the Corners

Floor lamps are a must if you have any dark corners within your apartment. Floor lamps not only provide better illumination, but also will make rooms appear larger. Floor lamps come in a large variety of styles and designs, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. If you need a lot of light for a room, avoid lampshades.

Create Calming Spaces

In rooms that don’t require bright lighting, use soft lighting to create a soothing atmosphere. Incandescent bulbs create soft, yellow light and are perfect to use at times when you’re looking to unwind and relax.

Add More Natural Light

If you have a dimmer apartment, then you may feel as those you need artificial lighting even during the daytime hours. Light can be added without fixtures with the proper placement of mirrors. Hang a mirror directly across from a window and light will naturally bounce around the room.

Use Less Floor and Table Space

Don’t clutter rooms with too many lamps. As an alternative, choose mounted lights like sconces to add both style and illumination to any room. Ideally, your apartment will include recessed lighting in one or more of the rooms. Recessed lighting stays flush with the ceiling and has the ability to make rooms appear very spacious.

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